Friday, 20 January 2012

Hey there ! thanks so much reading everyone^.^ this is for anyone who cant listen to it or has troubles with the video , my todays goals where written really late into the day like ...7pm late:P lol but here they are
1:drink all my water
2:get goals blog up and running
3.get to work on time
4:get weight loss blog up and running
5: update yvons blog
6:meditate morning and night
7:take all my vitamins
8:get budget book
9: write out budget
10:write down a plan to make it to miami
11:spend time with boyfriend! don't forget you has a date with him!
12:do face book page for hair
13: play one hour of sims
14:play one hour of flyff ( i can play them at the same time lol sometime I has to show you my set up:P)
15:finish cleaning kitchen
16:one hour of reading
17:one hour of writeing
18:poke mum!!
I think that's it lol I wrote this after I crossed off what I didnt do :P wich is  comeing up next lol sorry for the mass posting will do better this one i can promise!

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