Saturday, 18 February 2012

ugh so tired lol but here is todays list be to school on time do 4 pages in study guide drink all my water stretch before and after workouts workout stick to diet clean room make lunch for tomorow make tomorows list blog play sims have date with baby meditate defrost beef send text to client prep for tomorow plan outfit for tomorow go to sleep relatively early!!!! mwa love you chickies and dickies and my stalkerish baby -.^

Thursday, 9 February 2012

So sorry for last night!!!! was so tired i just conked out , but now I have a schedule and i made sure to make time. (only 5 minutes but hey gotta do whatcha gotta do)
the list:
1;Stay on schedule
2: meditate twice
3: make lunches and dinners for the next day
4:order bday gift for dad
5:send special I love you email
6:stretch twice

Friday, 3 February 2012

Double post much day thirteen part one and two

so sorry for posting this so late I did make the video earlier but failed to upload
todays list was
drink all my water
get workout pants
take all my vitamins
read nail chapter
read nail chapter again and highlight
do daily chores
call student aid for password and username
do night workout
write out workout plan
download more tunes
total of 13 I did 10

I didn't call student aid , didn't write a workout plan and i didn't download more tune's

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ok so I did
workout in the morning
take all my vitamins
called h and r block
play new sims
did daily chores
baught new sims
and um I think thats it lol
7 out of 18 ouch :P
lol night guys lots of love mwa

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day eleven boo yah

Todays list is a biggie so I gotta get my pale ass a movin wish me luck chickies and dickies Workout in the morning drink all my water take all my vitamins find tax info or call h and r block and have it printed mail student loan agreement go online for interest free student loan payment night workout get new workout pants go grocery shopping play new sims was suppose to do haircut but ha had to re schedule so I changed it to re schedule hair appointment do daily chores buy sims game read first 40 pages of text deal with alarm force download more music for workout mix. meditate day and night total 18 yosh

end of day ten

I did it all mwahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha lol!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gettin shit done on day ten

Time to get shit done today chickies and dickies!!
look for tax info
do nails
workout morn
meditate twice
take all my vitamins
finish work by 3:30
go to bank
drink all my water
workout tonight
go to school and do apendix thingy
update blog
put money on visa
to tired jist of it I did it all , all fucking all of it goodnight itches love yah

Monday, 30 January 2012

day 9 morn

So sorry! ran out of time this morning to post love me anyways?
of course you do :P
todays list was take all my vitamins
drink all my water
meditate twice
be to work on time
update all blogs
email renee
email client reminders
8 total ,mwa

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day eight

Only four things to do today here you go guys and gals 1:drink all my water 2: take all my vitamins 3: clean the house 4: send email to Renee o yah and here is the link to save yah

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day seven

Easy day for me today yay!!! and its beautiful outside wich is even better! todays list:

  1. Workout
  2. read for 30
  3. play one hour of sims and one hour of flyff
  4. meditate
  5. do fb page for hair
  6. write rough draft for craiglist ad
  7. do daily chores 
  8. update blog
  9. drink all my water
  10. take all my vitamins

End of day six

zzzzzz so sleepy lol but yay end of blog!
I didn't get to play sims
didn't read
do deep stretches
do fb page for hair and do a rough draft for hair ad
lol so close but no kabob off to bed with me have to be up in less then 5 hours!! lol go me! lots of love guys hang in there!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hey there so sorry for yesterday , first my video wouldn't upload then my interbutts went out lol anyways on to day six ;)

  1. take all my vitamins
  2. drink all my water
  3. send off student loan repayment
  4. read student handbook
  5. do daily chores
  6. write down exspenses
  7. play sims
  8. update blog
  9. paint toes
  10. go to gym
  11. freeze chilli
  12. make mums and sophs salad
  13. read for 30 min
  14. meditate
  15. make meatballs
  16. do deep stretchs
  17. do fb page for hair
  18. send email to client
  19. do rough draft for hair ad
  20. list ad for yvons blog

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

So sorry

I made my blog vid but ran out of time to post it!!!!!! But i will do so when i get home!!!!! Lots of love Strangebabygurl

Ok so todays goals are simple but its gonna be a busy day O I also forgot one lol so it wont be in the video till tonight but it is written below!
-update this blog day and night
-update yvons blog
-create fb page for hair
-be up at five
-do daily chores
-be at work on time-paint my toes
-drink all my water
-take all vitamins
-go to both my workouts
-read for 30 min
-play sims for 1 hour
-play flyff for one hour
-and the one I forgot ! Freeze the chilli

Monday, 23 January 2012

Ok so tired again sorry my dear readers ! but the list of things I didnt do are
Freeze chilli
play sims
play flyff
paint my toes
do a fb page for hair
and put up a craigs list ad for hair

Sunday, 22 January 2012

hey there ok so what I didnt get done is
 Drinking all my water
painting my toes
create a fb page
put an ad on craigs list
play flyff
or read for 30

YAY easy Sunday -.^

Hey there chickie's and dickies , todays goals are simple and easy ^.^
1.Daily chores
2.meditate day and night
3.take all my vitamins
4.drink all my water
5.spend quality time with my sister my nails and my toes
7.go the gym
8.create fb page for hair!
9. put add on craiglist for hair sims flyff
12:read for 30 min
13:freeze chillie!

End of day two!

End of day two lol im drunk so Im gonna make this short sorry baby boys and gurls . I completed everything but
Date time with my baby
Drinkin all my water
and cleaning my nails.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

hey there chickies and dickies :P new day new list lol started my day sleeping in :P bad of me! lol anyways here is the list for day two!:

  1.  Do morning and night blog post for this blog
  2. Do my daily chores
  3. clean kitchen
  4. Make cookies
  5. Make weight loss blog
  6. Have mini date with yvon
  7. clean my nails
  8. call bm chans
  9. drink all my water
  10. get budget book 
  11. write budget
  12. take all vitamins 
  13. meditate morning and night
  14. read for one hour

Hey there!
ok so I only ended up doing two things
I took all my vitamins and I meditated tomorrow is a new day wish me the best of luck with a new list!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Hey there ! thanks so much reading everyone^.^ this is for anyone who cant listen to it or has troubles with the video , my todays goals where written really late into the day like ...7pm late:P lol but here they are
1:drink all my water
2:get goals blog up and running
3.get to work on time
4:get weight loss blog up and running
5: update yvons blog
6:meditate morning and night
7:take all my vitamins
8:get budget book
9: write out budget
10:write down a plan to make it to miami
11:spend time with boyfriend! don't forget you has a date with him!
12:do face book page for hair
13: play one hour of sims
14:play one hour of flyff ( i can play them at the same time lol sometime I has to show you my set up:P)
15:finish cleaning kitchen
16:one hour of reading
17:one hour of writeing
18:poke mum!!
I think that's it lol I wrote this after I crossed off what I didnt do :P wich is  comeing up next lol sorry for the mass posting will do better this one i can promise!